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       1.   Prof. Mohammad Ishfaq, Dr. Faran Ahmed Qadri, and Mahmoud Ajlouni

             Retaining knowledge by integrating training and management development with organizational strategies

This paper contemplates on extension of TQM model for Total Learning Management (TLM) in order to deal with the concepts of learning organisation, principles of learning organisation and presents a rudimentary model by integrating training and management development that ensures retention, improvement and transmit knowledge to the future generation of its executives and non-executives. The work here is offering theoretical framework for reality check as to how the practice of TLM would evolve. While doing so our main focus remains upon the change in work related behaviour of learning organisation’s employees towards innovation and organisational effectiveness. The Total Learning Management (TLM) model offered in this paper is a roadmap for organisations to meet the future challenges by ensuring that high standard knowledge based performance becomes a top priority at every level of the organisation. To produce the model and mechanism for integration our approach relies on TQM techniques. Our arguments in this respect are that as TQM will be ineffective without the formal mechanism so is true for TLM as it will not function unless formal mechanisms are developed and applied to ensure involvement of every member of the organisation. We argue that a formal TLM model will support and integrate learning for Knowledge Management provided it is deep rooted and embedded in organisational mission, vision, and culture.

Key words:    TQM, Total Learning Management, learning strategies, work related behaviour, innovation, Knowledge Management, Organizational Strategies

      2.  Dr. Murad Ali and Dr. Mahmoud Ajlouni

Problems and Challenges in Small Sector industries (SSI) –A case study with special reference to        
           finishing industry  Rabigh, in Saudi Arabia


Small scale industries (SSI's) play a very important re in economic development of any nation. These industries meet the twin needs i.e. solution of unemployment problem and checking the economic concentration in the hands of a few. They encourage self sufficiency, self reliance and coordination. They facilitate the creation of entrepreneurs in any society. They provide beneficial reallocation of available resources and their proper utilization. They help to eradicate poverty in rural sector. Fishing industry in Rabigh is mostly unorganized and operates in the small scale. The study aims to identify the various problems associated with the fishing industry and suggest remedial measures for the same.



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