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About the College:
The College of Business at King Abdul Aziz with the consent of the Royal Decree No. 10209 dated 30/12/1429 AH. The college offers university education Bonamath three different (on compus, off compus, and distance learning). It also focuses on providing programs that meet labor market needs and development requirements, such as sports management.

Master of Sports Management:

The rapid development of sports activities at the national level,  international level and their impact on the economies of states and their social structure;in addition to its vital role in human development requires the management of effective scientific institutions and organizations, facilities and sports facilities so that you can drive to achieve their goals and keep pace with variables and face the challenges successfully and effectively.

As the youth and sports sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is about more than 60% of Saudi society, and an important developmental role to play, as well as witnessed in this sector of rapid growth and increasing importance .. And shifts towards privatization and professionalism not only in the technical side but also on the management side

From this point came the idea of ​​Master of Sports Management School of Business Executive in the extension of the role of the university to meet the needs of the community and provide the necessary scientific channels, according to International Academic Standards for the preparation of skilled manpower equipped with streams of science and knowledge of the sports sector in order to progress.

Benefits of the program:

The program was evaluated by:

· City University of Oklahoma, USA

· Florida State University, USA

· University of the Third of February, the Argentine.

Duration of the study program:

Program duration is two academic years (four semesters)

Program Objectives:

1 - To provide a strong foundation enrollment of contemporary knowledge and skills to enable them to take over the tasks of leadership in organizations, facilities and sports committees.

2 - create managers and qualified staff to manage the organizations, facilities and sports committees.

3 - Developing the capacity of attending to understand the changes occurring in the sports field.

4 - Development of management skills to students by focusing squarely on the theoretical foundations and methods applied in modern sports management.

Areas of work after graduation:

1. General Presidency for Youth Welfare:

- Organizations, facilities and sports committees.

- Sports federations.

- Sports clubs.

2 for sports organizations.

3 institutions sports marketing.

4 institutions, public and media relations for the athlete.

5 sports bodies in the various ministries.

6 Universities and schools

Admission Requirements:

Applicants must be of the program holds a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university, preferably to be relevant bachelor's degree program. With the knowledge that the program and welcomes applicants from any other specialty. This is in addition to the conditions set by the Deanship of Graduate Studies at the University.

And accept the Saudi students in the program and the regular resident non-Saudis.

For more information:

Visit the Deanship of Graduate Studies

Or visit the site total:

Or call the following numbers: 02-4234030 or 02-4233887

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