Our Objectives

    • To provide our students with a strong basis of contemporary knowledge and skills those are necessary to enable our graduates to obtain jobs in any field of business management or to join the postgraduate studies after their graduation.
    • To enhance students’ analytical skills and capability to diagnose the market. This is the most important skills for anyone wanting to be professional in a business world.
    • To develop the students' capabilities to adapt to the modern technological developments and participate in innovative business activities
    • To develop relations with business organizations through Advisory Council comprising business executives in and around Rabigh so that we can work together on real life business projects, research, and field training that provides opportunities to our students for internship and hands on experience in the field of business administration.
    • To develop relations with world fame business schools around the globe by setting up International Advisory Council, to take advantage of contemporary research in the business world and get COB known globally for its work on educational and research.


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